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Need green links for E. Europe/NIS

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Dear Colleagues

I am putting together a webpage collection of environmental links
specifically about E. Europe and the Newly Independent States including
Russia.  The objective is to help firms and organizations in those regions
establish partnerships with North American firms and organizations that can
help in commercial or development projects.  Government, business and NGO
partnerships will be encouraged.

Particular topics of interest include current programs now providing
environmental assistance to E.Europe/NIS; environmental information sources
about specific regions or places; sources of financing; local environmental
technology programs; programs facilitating trade (of any kind, not just
environmental) with the region, and other topics that would be of interest
to a firm or organization interested in improving its environmental and
economic performance.

I am most grateful for your suggestions.  If you can, please include a
sentence or two about why a suggested link is a good one.  I will visit all
the suggested sites.  Sites that are not published in English are fine, I
will email them to ask for a short description in English.

Please respond directly to me, not to the listserv.  My email address is
bhamner@mindspring.com.  Once the website is established I will announce it
so you can see your contributions in action!

Thanks for your help

Burt Hamner
Burton Hamner
President, Hamner and Associates LLC
Adjunct Professor, Asian Institute of Management
4343 4th Avenue NW, Seattle Washington USA 91807
Tel/fax: 206-789-5499 (call before sending a fax)
Email:  bhamner@mindspring.com
Web:  The Sustainable Business Webspace, www.mindspring.com/~bhamner