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Web site for Janitorial Product Safety

Our EPA-sponsored Janitorial Pollution Prevention web site is up and
running, although some parts are still under construction.  

Our address is:


Stop by for a visit to see:

	Statistics about chemical injuries that janitors incur

	Fact sheets for how to reduce chemical use

	Info on how to read material safety data sheets

	Lists of high risk ingredients to avoid
	or handle with special care

	Case studies of janitors who have switched to safer chemicals

	Links to federal, state, & local programs that are
	promoting "environmentally preferable purchasing"

Many of you helped us put this site together by sharing your
experiences.  Did we get it right?  Tell us of any mistakes we made, or
any ideas you have for other things to include - we are looking for ways
to improve our site and make it more useful.


Thomas Barron, PE
Business & Engineering Consultant
3351 Beechwood Drive
Lafayette, CA 94549
(925) 283-8121