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Re: P2 Employment


You might talk with Kevin Peters at the WASTREN office in Denver. There is a 
possibility he will need P2 people in the next couple of months.

Kevin Peters: 303-450-0077


Mark Boylan
WASTREN-Maryland Office
22 Executive Park Court
Germantown  MD  20875


Subj:    P2 Employment
Date:   8/10/1999 11:20:05 PM Eastern Daylight Time
From:   dnwebste@mines.edu (Daniel N. Webster)
Sender: owner-p2tech@great-lakes.net
Reply-to:   dnwebste@mines.edu (Daniel N. Webster)
To: p2tech@great-lakes.net

Since it was mentioned....

Does anyone out there know of any P2 employment opportunities in the
Denver, Colorado area.  I recently did an internship for the Colorado
Department of Health and Environment, Water Quality Control Division.  I
worked on a P2 project for POTWs among other tasks.  I would like to
continue in the P2 area.

Dan Webster