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Research and Tech Transfer Workgroup of the NPPR

In preparation for the NPPR Fall Workgroup meeting, the Research and Tech 
Transfer Workgroup wants to know about those P2 technology areas that 
frustrate you.  Those gaps or research needs that you just can't seem to 
find information on, that seems to need new technology development or 
documented success stories.  I'm talking about potentially great P2 
technology areas that are not advancing because of some 
technology/information barrier or need, or for which barriers to 
commercialization exist.

In addition, we are looking to add technology presentations to our agenda 
that you have had success in that could be presented at the Fall Meeting or 
at the Spring Conference.  Let us know!

Cindy McComas, Director
University of Minnesota
1313 5th Street SE, Ste. 207
Minneapolis, MN  55414
612-626-4769 (fax)