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Fwd: Suggestions/Feedback - Environme

I am the forum leader here on AOL. And received this email below. Any 
suggestion to help this good cause out please send them along. 
Steve Vermette
AOL Environmental Forum Leader 

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Hello, I'm Deborah from San Francisco,CA.  This november I will be having an 
environmental workshop at the 1999 TEENSupreme Keystone Pacific Regional 
Conference.  This conference is in part of the Boys & Girls Clubs of America. 
 So hundreds of teens will be at the conference.  
I'm not an expert on environmental issues, but have a deep passion for 
learning and educating the public to be more aware and appreciative of our 
only mother earth.  My goal for the workshop is to teach teens that there's 
more than just recycling.  I want to explore all aspects of the environment.  
It's a big world out there, but won't be if we don't take care of it.  
Do you have any suggestions that I can use?  My Keystone club is working on 
an environmental guide filled with the basics on recycling, composting, 
pollution, wildlife, and household chemicals.  The members of the club are 
assigned to a subject and are suppose to research on it.  But need guidance.  
I want the guide to be easy to read and a good resource for students to have 
if they have an interest into the environment or have questions.
Can You please help me in any way?  Your input would be greatly appreciated 
and spread to thousands of teens.  
I wrote to you because you wrote you have been an environmental consultant 
for 3 years.  This guide will be dedicated to people like yourself.  You 
aren't recognized as much or given alot of credit, so as a thank you I 
dedicate this book to all the hardworking people out there trying to make a 

Thank you- Deborah Gallegos
email:  Noelsdaisy@aol.com  : )

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