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FW: Teen Group Seeking Inspiration RE: Environmental guide

P2TECH'ers --

Suspect that several of us may have received this, but thought I'd forward
it on nonetheless.  The following message was forwarded by Steve Vermette, a
discussion leader on AOL in one of the forums.  Since I know that several of
you have managed programs on all of the topics listed below -- recycling,
household haz, etc -- I thought I'd throw this out to the group for concrete
suggestions on developing a guidebook to individual environmental action for


Scott Butner (butner@battelle.org) 
Senior Research Scientist, Environmental Technology Division
Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
4500 Sandpoint Way, Seattle WA   98105
(206)-528-3290 voice/(206)-528-3552 fax

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> Hello, I'm Deborah from San Francisco,CA.  This november I will be having
> an 
> environmental workshop at the 1999 TEENSupreme Keystone Pacific Regional 
> Conference.  This conference is in part of the Boys & Girls Clubs of
> America. 
>  So hundreds of teens will be at the conference.  
> I'm not an expert on environmental issues, but have a deep passion for 
> learning and educating the public to be more aware and appreciative of our
> only mother earth.  My goal for the workshop is to teach teens that
> there's 
> more than just recycling.  I want to explore all aspects of the
> environment.  
> It's a big world out there, but won't be if we don't take care of it.  
> Do you have any suggestions that I can use?  My Keystone club is working
> on 
> an environmental guide filled with the basics on recycling, composting, 
> pollution, wildlife, and household chemicals.  The members of the club are
> assigned to a subject and are suppose to research on it.  But need
> guidance.  
> I want the guide to be easy to read and a good resource for students to
> have 
> if they have an interest into the environment or have questions.
> Can You please help me in any way?  Your input would be greatly
> appreciated 
> and spread to thousands of teens.  
> I wrote to you because you wrote you have been an environmental consultant
> for 3 years.  This guide will be dedicated to people like yourself.  You 
> aren't recognized as much or given alot of credit, so as a thank you I 
> dedicate this book to all the hardworking people out there trying to make
> a 
> difference.
> Thank you- Deborah Gallegos
> email:  Noelsdaisy@aol.com  : )