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Re: n-Propyl bromide

nPB is in EPA's SNAP (OAR/Stratospheric Protection Division) review process as a
potential substitute for CFCs, HCFCs, and Methyl Chloroform.  It is in a pending
status because  results from various tox studies are needed.  These studies are
underway.   A final acceptable/unacceptable decision will be made when the
results are in.

I think the industry set acceptable exposure level (AEL) is 100ppm, but this may
change when the tox studies are in and a final determination is made.   In the
interim, it is being used in many of the tradition chlorinated solvent
applications that you mentioned.

You can get more info on nPB and many other CFC substitutes from the SPD hotline
at 800-296 1996 or check the website, www.epa.gov/ozone