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Need innovative wood reuse ideas

Dear P2 Tech:

A government facility I am working with has 70 tons of old wood pallets they 
don't know what to do with. Here are the specifics of their problem:

1) There are very few repairable or resuable pallets. The majority are in too 
poor of a shape to be repaired or reused as-is.

2) Some have been contaminated with pesticides. My contact did not know the 
pesticide or contamination levels, nor how many have been contaminated. They 
believe the cost and effort to sort contaminated from non-contaminated would 
be prohibitive. They have used some contaminated pallets in good shape to 
ship hazardous waste.

3) The facility has no chipper on site but would consider allowing a vendor 
to chip them. Still, they cannot use 70 tons of mulch/wood chips, and the 
pesticide issue is raised again when trying to sell or give mulch away.

They think they have considered all of the usual options and rejected them 
for safety, liability, legal, or cost concerns. They are looking for really 
innovative ideas. Any ideas?


Mark Boylan
WASTREN Maryland
22 Executive Park Court
Germantown  MD  20874