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Re: Pollution Prevention through Zoning

Our Suffolk County Dept of Public Works has done something along that lines by
incorporating requirements in regulations to obtain a sewage discharge permit.
There are also regulations that have special requirements for industries in
groundwater sensitive/ management areas on Long Island.  If you want I can send
them to you. If interested please send me your mailing address. Some local towns
have created special zoning districts or overlays that limit what type of use can
occur and a special variance is required for exceptions. For example a golf course
in a ground water protection overlay district.

Zoning regulations often have a variance provision which can give a way out for
certain projects and therefore are not always effective because the town subcomes
to political pressures for projects (my personal opinion and observation).

Judy Jakobsen
SCWA P2 Program.
Sheehan.Eileen@epamail.epa.gov wrote:

> Does anyone have ideas for the City of Oakland, CA as they seek to incorporate
> P2 into zoning regulations?
> lkrobinson@oaklandnet.com on 08/10/99 09:45:48 AM
> We are in the process of doing a rezoning for West Oakland.  One of the key
> issues to address is the fact that residential and industrial uses are in
> close proximity to each other and neighborhoods are affected by the impacts
> of those industries (for example truck repair facilities, foundries, food
> processing, metal scrap facilities). It is not an option to completely
> segregate residential from industrial uses; the land uses are very
> inter-mixed. While we are developing a new land use classification which
> will attempt to serve as an emerging buffer between uses, we are also
> focusing on  performance standards. How have other localities used
> performance standards as a pollution prevention tool in the context of
> zoning regulations?  How specific are the performance standards?  Are there
> specific standards for each industry type?  Are industries grouped in
> categories? How are the performance standards enforced? How have local
> jurisdictions incorporated air quality standards into zoning regulations?
> Thanks for any thoughts or assistance.
> Lisa Robinson
> lkrobinson@oaklandnet.com