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Re: Suggestions/Feedback - Environme

I sent detailed information to the originator of this query, but I thought
the rest of you might be interested in a more complete reference for the
Ecological Footprint.  The concept was first developed by Mathis
Wackernagel, who works for Redefining Progress, One Kearny Street, Fourth
Floor, San Francisco, CA  94108, 415-781-1191.  The concept is described in
his book, Our Ecological Footprint: Reducing Human Impact on the Earth.  I
believe the Redefining Progress web page is www.rprogress.org.  In addition
to Ecological Footprint work, Redefining Progress is also developing
alternatives to GNP/GDP.  Their Genuine Progress Indicator is a very
interesting measure.

Susan Anderson
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Juna Z. Snow
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