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Re: Graffiti Removal


Have you tried any of the benzyl alcohol based paint stripping gels? 
They are much better cold strippers than NMP.  Formic acid activated
should be most effective, ammonia activted could also be used.          
Peroxide activated can be a disposal problem, so I would avoid them.  

Phil Bevilacqua

Bill Green wrote:
> Looking for case studies of technology to remove paint and marker
> graffiti from both sealed and unsealed brick/concrete as well as metal
> surfaces.  Client in this case has been though methylene chloride (of
> course) and NMP based solvents.  Now using soda blast which is causing
> some surface damage such as grout removal. What have you seen out
> there??
> Bill Green
> bgreen@ecolink.com
> 770-621-8240