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Re: Recycled Building Materials

At 01:31 AM 8/18/1999 EDT, SDief@aol.com wrote:
>Does anyone out there have any information on the market for recycled 
>building materials?  I have a client who is interested in setting up a 
>demolition/recycled building material business and he is looking for 
>information on other businesses that have done the same.
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A great resource is the Materials for the Future Foundation
(http://www.materials4future.org), based in the Bay Area.  They work with
all types of recovered materials but especially with building materials.
The have a page of resources for starting recovered materials.  See
especially their overview of markets for recycled lumber.

Be aware that any buildings being demolished that are of pre-1978
construction likely contain lead-based paint. Last December, EPA proposed
rules covering management and disposal of wood coated with LBP from
abatement projects and demolitions
The rules include a prohibition on reuse of any LBP-coated material when
the paint is in "deteriorated" condition.

-Jeff Cantin

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