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ATTN: Tracy Wyhlidko,

My name is Keith Dixon of Keith Dixon Systems located in Lawrenceville, NJ 
(PH 609-394-2194 FX 609-394-3535) and I am in receipt of MR. John Sparks
forwarding of your e-mail from 8-06-99 to p2@ucsd.edu,p2tech@great lakes.net.

In brief, we are currently working with the USCG on a retrofit program for the
Main Engine LOP aboard the 210' cutters.  I also have another program, in the
initial stages, which deals with helping their current oil/water separators
perform their intended functions aboard all classes of cutters.

I have deveolped a system entitled "Integrated Ships' Bilge Water Treatment
System" which was first developed as a land based static or transportable
bilge effluent purification system with EPA's blessing.

We should talk about your current dilemma w/the marina taking on the
bilge waters from the various fishing vessels.

#1    you must encourage (if not outright make it mandatory) that they use a
demulsifier and not Dove, Joy, Sunlight, etc.
#2    you should not allow this to be an option as it will save everyone a lot
        capital for improvements to their OWS.
#3    insist upon the utilization of a product called SRW 1 instead of the
        detergents as this product is a demulsifier and passes the LC-50
        Minnow tests and is EPA approved and also biodegrades in 35 to 40
#4    you could require the marine to purchase expensive sophisticated equi-
        ment as mentioned in item #2 which we could provide.
#5   you could purchase the needed equipment from someone else.
#6    you could send us 10 one quart Mason jars of the various sloutions from
        a few of  the vessels in question and we could experiment with it to
        mine what chemicals and expensive equipment will be needed to solve
        the Marinas' problems.
#7    Again, you could make it mandatory that the vessels in question use a
        mulsifier (like SWR 1) and NOT Joy, Dove or similar products or they 
        will not be allowed to discharge into the Marina oil/water separator
        This will definitely end your problems with the Marina. We could also
        recommend some inexpensive subtle equipment enhancements to the 
        Marinas' oil/water separator system to help it perform better with
the so-
        lutions it is supposed to be putting through it!!!

        Breaking emulsions is a whole science within itself, as you can
see. You
        have real dilemma that will NOT go away by thinking it will be too
        to educate the fisherman and anyone else that wishes to discharge
        bilge waters into the Marinas' system and eventually into yours. But
        simple truth is that education is the only answer you have in
keeping it 
        inexpensive to do.

        It is that simple. 

       I love this stuff. 

        We do sell equipment too, so if the Marina needs HUGE tax breaks this 
        year, please tell them to call.

        I look forward to hearing from you soon Ms. Wyhlidko.

        Sincerely Yours, 

        Keith Dixon