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Small Business Innovation Research Program 2

This second message is a fact sheet announcing the FY2000 competition. 

SBIR: Pollution Prevention
The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is one of 10 federal agencies that
participate in the SBIR Program established by the Small Business Innovation
Development Act of 1982.  The purpose of this Act was to strengthen the
role of
small businesses in federally funded R&D and help develop a stronger national
base for technical innovation.  A small business is defined as a for- profit
organization with no more than 500 employees.  EPA issues annual solicitations
for Phase I and Phase II research proposals from science and technology-based
firms. EPA awards Phase I contracts of  $70,000 for 6 months to determine the
technical merit and commercialization potential of the new technology.  Phase
II contracts, which are limited to firms that successfully complete Phase I
contracts, continue work toward commercializing the new technology.  In Phase
II, EPA awards contracts of up to $295,000 for 2 years.  
The SBIR FY 2000 Solicitation has a topic for Pollution Prevention and Clean
Technologies. Topic A covers equipment, process and technology modifications
that prevent pollution at the source, redesign of products and substitution of
raw materials. Of particular interest are green chemistry projects that reduce
the generation of pollutants that are, or contain, persistent, bioaccumulative
and toxic (PBT) chemicals and Clean Technology projects addressing industry
sectors under EPA’s Sector-Based, Environmental Protection Program and the
Design for the Environment/Small Business Partnership.  Industry sectors
include metal finishing, printing, electronics, garment and fabric care and
adhesives manufacture.  Sixteen subtopics describe high priority needs of the
EPA Office of Pollution Prevention and Toxics, and these needs follow a
successful FY 1999 SBIR solicitation from which EPA funded 9 new Phase I
technologies from ionic solvents and  solventless adhesive systems to
supercritical cleaning technologies to an alternative to chromium
electroplating and a new supercritical CO2 cleaning technology.  In addition,
there are 5 on-going Phase II projects and  61 additional Pollution Prevention
SBIR technologies funded in prior years.   

EPA’s Phase I Solicitation opened on August 13, 1999 and will close on October
13, 1999.  The Solicitation is posted on National Center for Environmental
Research and Quality Assurance WEBSITE at:


The SBIR Pollution Prevention awards from FY1999 and 61 additional
from prior years are posted on the website.  The FY2000 Phase I
Solicitation is
also available by fax.  If you need a fax copy of the Solicitation or if you
have any questions, please call the EPA SBIR Helpline at:

Juna Z. Snow
List Manager
IL. Waste Management 
& Research Center