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Re: FW: Requesting Information regarding application of EMS

standard s in fish harvesting or processing
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I am also interested in this kind of information, so if any of you 
have an answer to this question and could also respond to me, I would 
be sincerely grateful.


Macarena Ortega
Fundacion Chile
Marine Resources Department

> Fellow P2TECH'ers --
> I received an inquiry this a.m. from a researcher in Italy who is seeking
> any information -- case studies, contacts, etc -- regarding companies
> which have implemented or considered implementation of either EMAS or ISO
> 14000 based Environmental Management Systems specifically to the fisheries
> industry.  This could include harvesting (e.g., commercial fishing),
> processing, or aquaculture.  
> If you have information that you think might help,  please send it to:
>  Maria Cozzolino (irepa@irepa.org)
>  Institute for Fisheries and Aquaculture Economics Research