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RE: ? Origin of quote ?

Bill Green (BGreen@ecolink.com) asked:

	"We often hear the quote, "87% of Americans consider themselves
> environmentalists" or something to that effect.  Can ANYONE tell me
> where this figure may have originated ??? "
A couple of folks have written back regarding the Roper Polls, which might
well be the source of the quote, but there are a number of public opinion
polls over the years that have backed up the notion that a large percentage
of Americans view themselves as "pro-environment."  In many instances, these
attitudes (measured via things like support for regulations, awareness
and/or support of environmental issues, etc) seem to be the one thing that
people of widely disparate beliefs seem to have in common -- leading one to
ponder whether or not the Green Party (no relation, I'm sure) might not have
more potential as a latent political force than people give them credit for.

When looking at these poll data, remember that it is useful to look beyond
the attitude data and examine actual behavior, and there the results don't
seem quite as encouraging (I know that I certainly don't live up to my own
expectations!).  A good (though somewhat dated) resource for this is Walter
Coddington's 1993 book, "Environmental Marketing:  Positive Strategies for
Reaching the Green Consumer" (ISBN 0-07-011599-0).   I will drop my copy in
the mail to you today, if you promise to send it back to me when you are
done reading it.

BTW, while the Roper Center has its own "pay for use" rate schedule, it can
be cost-effective to use the "Public Opinion Online" database available via
DIALOG (see http://library.dialog.com/bluesheets/html/bl0468.html) which
allows you to search the same Roper POLL data available for a fee from the
Roper Center web site.  This is particularly true if you have access to a
local university research library or other such "volume user."    It is a
very interesting resource, providing poll questions, responses, and the
supporting statistics for those so inclined.

Hope this helps.

Scott Butner (butner@battelle.org) 
Senior Research Scientist, Environmental Technology Division
Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
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Juna Z. Snow
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