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Business-NGO Relations and Sustainable Development

Dear Colleagues,

Greener Management International
Issue 24, is a special theme issue
Business-NGO Relations and Sustainable Development
edited by Jem Bendell (University of Bristol, UK)

The number, diversity, and increasing notoriety of relations between
businesses and NGOs is the result of global processes: the global
market, declining regulatory power of the nation-state and the increase

in global communications. There are financial reasons, both short- and
long-term, why businesses should seek partnership with NGOs. In this new

world, the relations between business and NGOs are conceptualised in
terms of the regulation of business by civil society.

In this specially extended issue of 'Greener Management International',
writers from NGOs, businesses, consultancy and academia consider the
problems associated with partnerships between businesses and NGOs and
how such relationships can be made to work in practice.

Table of Contents

* Introduction
Jem Bendell (University of Bristol, UK)

* The New Gemeinschaft: Individual Initiative and
Corporate-NGO-University Partnerships
Elizabeth T. Kennedy, Thomas E. Lacher, Jr and Professor, Diana M.
Burton, Texas A&M University, USA; Abbe L. Reis and James D. Nations,
Conservation International, USA; Ray Cesca, McDonald's; and Manuel
Ramirez, Conservation International, Costa Rica

* Partners for Sustainability
John Elkington and Shelly Fennell SustainAbility Ltd, UK

* Culture Clash and Mediation: Exploring the Cultural Dynamics of
Business-NGO Collaboration
Andrew Crane, Cardiff University, UK.

* Learning from the Marine Stewardship Council: A Business-NGO
Partnership for Sustainable Marine Fisheries
Penny Fowler and Simon Heap, INTRAC (The International NGO Training and
Research Centre), UK.

* The Art of Collaboration: Lessons from Emerging Environmental
Business-NGO Partnerships in Asia
Christopher Plante, The Asia Foundation, USA and Jem Bendell, University

of Bristol, UK.

* Changing the Rules: Business-NGO Partnerships and Structuration Theory

Uwe Schneidewind and Holger Petersen, University of Oldenburg, Germany.

* Web Wars: NGOs, Companies and Governments in an Internet-Connected
John Bray, Control Risks Group, UK.

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Abstracts of all articles included are available on request as a PDF

The articles contained in this issue will be discussed by an Internet
discussion group on business-NGO relations and responsible enterprise.
If you want to contribute to feedback on the articles, visit this