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Hi all:

I thought this might be useful some folks on our listserver.

>>Application deadline:       October 15, 1999
>>Application available at:       www.ELPnet.org
>>The Environmental Leadership Program (ELP) is pleased to announce the
>>inaugural year of its annual ELP Fellowship.  ELP is a non-profit initiative
>>to promote leadership development and training opportunities for
>>professionals who are relatively new to the environmental field.  The ELP
>>Fellowship provides intensive leadership and skills training with
>>opportunities for mentoring, project seed money, and technical support.
>>Ultimately, the goal of ELP is to nurture a new generation of environmental
>>leadership that is characterized by diversity, innovative thinking,
>>building, and effective communications.
>>Fellowship Details
>>The ELP Fellowship is a highly experiential and innovative national program
>>that aims to build the leadership capacity of the environmental movement's
>>most promising emerging professionals.  Each year, a new class of twenty to
>>thirty fellows will be chosen to receive intensive training, institutional
>>support, and mentoring for a three-year period.  Fellows will receive
>>national recognition through the program and gain access to funding to
>>further skill training and develop new projects.  ELP will provide
>>participants with the tools, support, and experience to lead public debates
>>about environmental issues and energize their home institutions and

>>Required Commitments.  Applicants for the ELP Fellowship must commit to
>>participating in four retreats over three years-two retreats in the first
>>year and one retreat in each subsequent year.  ELP will provide each fellow
>>with a modest participation stipend and pay all travel costs for the
>>retreats.  While the fellowship requires regular participation throughout
>>year, fellows are expected to continue in their full-time jobs or studies.
>>Upon selection, fellows must provide ELP with written acknowledgment from
>>their employers allowing them participate in ELP retreats and other
>>fellowship activities that require time away from work.
>>Becoming a Fellow
>>Who Should Apply?
>>ELP targets newly established environmental practitioners eager to connect
>>their specialized work to broader environmental and social concerns.  In
>>choosing each class of fellows, ELP will bring together individuals from a
>>broad spectrum of disciplines, professions, educational experiences, and
>>cultural and ethnic backgrounds.  The program's goal is to balance
>>participation from academia, non-profit advocacy groups, all levels of
>>government, and the private sector.  While applicants need not be young in
>>age, the program is designed for people who are relatively new to the
>>environmental field with approximately three to ten years of professional or
>>post-undergraduate experience.  ELP programs do not target well-established,
>>veteran, or mid-career professionals.
>>Demonstrated talent for intellectual or public leadership is a prerequisite
>>for selection.  Applicants who also exhibit the ability or strong potential
>>to work across disciplines, communicate effectively, and build support for
>>innovation are most likely to be selected.  Successful applicants will
>>describe how the ELP Fellowship will help them develop their work, and how
>>their future efforts will contribute to the future of the environmental
>>All applicants must provide a general overview of initiatives they might
>>undertake with support from the ELP Activity Fund.  Applicants should review
>>the criteria and detailed information about this component of the ELP
>>Fellowship which is available on our web site:  www.ELPnet.org.
>>How will applicants be evaluated?
>>Applicants will be evaluated on:
>> their accomplishments, background, and professional progress shown in
>>resume or c.v.;
>> the recommendations of people who have worked closely with the applicant;
>> the clarity, breadth, and thoughtfulness of responses to the narrative
>>questions in the fellowship application.
>>Depending on their background, applicants will be evaluated on the basis of
>>their initiatives, campaigns, projects, or scholarship, and their potential
>>to stimulate and deepen public debates about key environmental issues.
>>Selection Process
>>Completed applications can be sent to ELP until Monday, November 1, 1999.
>>Applicants are strongly encouraged to submit their materials by Friday,
>>October 15, although formal review will not begin until November 1.
>>Applicants will be notified via postcard or email that their application is
>>complete and being processed.  Each application will be reviewed by the ELP
>>Fellowship Selection Committee and final decisions will be made at a
>>committee meeting in early December.  The committee is composed of
>>professionals from a diverse array of disciplines, backgrounds, and
>>institutions.  Decisions will be announced and all applicants will be sent
>>notification letters by December 15, 1999.
>>For more detailed information and to review the ELP Fellowship Application,
>>please log on to our web site:  www.ELPnet.org.  If you do not have
access to
>>the Internet, write us to receive an application kit.
>>Environmental Leadership Program
>>A project of The Tides Center
>>P.O. Box 209198
>>New Haven, CT 06520
>Anne Fitzgerald
>621 Cherry Street, Suite C
>Santa Rosa, CA  95404
>707 577-8398 (phone)
>707 577-8399 (fax)
Tim Greiner
Kerr, Greiner, Anderson and April, Inc.
47R Englewood Road
Gloucester, MA   01930
P: 978-525-2214
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