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Ag News from the Ag Center

Here's the latest news from EPA's National Agriculture Compliance Assistance
Center -- we hope you'll find items of interest that will be useful to you
and your clients.

This regular update is being sent to you, at your request, to notify you that
the Ag Center has added new information to its web site --

Make Your Voice Heard --
Click on the "banner" at the top of the Ag Center's home page to see a list
of EPA proposed actions for which public comment is invited. Or go directly
You will find brief summaries of the proposals, comment deadlines, and links
to more information.

Ag Center Offers More Fact Sheets --
The Ag Center has added new or updated versions of several fact sheets to its
list of available publications.

Six new species-specific Concentrated Animal Feeding Operation fact
sheets are companions to the earlier "CAFO Permit Requirements -- General"
(Ag Center document no. 11001). They cover slaughter and feeder cattle,
dairy cattle, horses, sheep, swine, and poultry. The Worker Protection
Standard fact sheets are not new titles, but are being offered in an updated
graphic design format.

You can order the fact sheets now through the Center's "fax-back" system, and
you will soon be able to view them on the web site -- we will keep you
posted. The number to call for the fact sheets, and for other up-to-date
information on environmental requirements that affect agriculture, is
1-888-663-2155. This is a toll-free number. Callers can request that
documents be faxed or sent by mail, or can choose to talk to an Ag Center

For a complete list of what's available through the fax-on-demand system, ask
for document 10001 -- Ag Center Publications.

Worker Protection fact sheets include, for example:

22014     WPS -- Posted Warnings

22002     WPS -- Closed Systems

Among the new CAFO listings are:

11017     CAFO Permit Requirements -- Slaughter/Feeder Cattle

11019     CAFO Permit Requirements -- Swine

11016     CAFO Permit Requirements -- Poultry

11014     CAFO Permit Requirements -- Dairy

New items on the Ag Center's Compliance News page --

August 6
-- EPA Releases Draft Guidance for Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations
Permits; Seeks Comments

August 2
-- EPA Acts To Reduce Children's Exposures to Methyl Parathion and Azinphos

July 30
-- EPA Issues First-of-its-Kind Discharge Permit to MA Dairy Farm

-- EPA/USDA Workshop on Bacillus thuringiensis Crop Resistance Management

-- Recent EPA Actions on Pesticide Tolerances:

Zinc Phosphide

-- 80 OP Pesticide Tolerances Considered Reassessed by EPA

Thank you for your interest in the Ag Center. We welcome your feedback -- you
can comment on this or any of the services of the Ag Center via the *comment*
feature at the web site.
URL: http://www.epa.gov/oeca/ag/comment.html

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Ginah K. Mortensen, Director
National Agriculture Compliance Assistance Center
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
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