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RE: Solvent for vinyl

I don't know the thermal properties of the foam or the vinyl but if the foam
can survive the heat required to cure a powder coating this may be a viable
alternative.  I know that powder coatings are formulated for many
applications although I think all require some elevated temperature to cure.
You may want to contact a powder coating supplier to get specifics.  

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> From: 	David Edge[SMTP:DEDGE@tnrcc.state.tx.us]
> Sent: 	Friday, August 20, 1999 12:45 PM
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> Subject: 	Solvent for vinyl
> Background
> I'm working with a company that makes foam floatation devices such as
> life jackets and small key chain floats.  The foam is coated by dipping it
> in a vat of dissolved vinyl.  The vinyl coating is made by dissolving
> powdered vinyl into a mixture of xylene, toluene, and MEK.  The
> company uses these chemicals in large volumes which results in over
> 200 tons of emissions.  
> Question
> Does anyone know of an alternative solvent for vinyl that is not a HAP
> or VOC (at least less hazardous).  The company has tried a couple of
> different products but have not found an alternative that results in the
> quality coating they need.  I would like to provide them a list of
> different
> solvents to experiment with.  I have not had any luck using SAGE to find
> information.  
> Any ideas will be much appreciated.
> David Edge 
> Texas Natural Resource Conservation Commission
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