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RE: Graffiti Removal

Have you looked into the use of a water jet, high pressure water.  This is
being used in the aerospace industry to remove paint from aircraft skin,
aluminum sheet metal, and coatings from turbine blades.  It is also used by
NASA to remove paint from insulating material on the space shuttle and
boosters and also for removing the insulation without damage to the aluminum
skin.  With the right conditions (pressure, angle of application, dwell
time, etc.) this might work.

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> From: 	Bill Green[SMTP:BGreen@ecolink.com]
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> Subject: 	Graffiti Removal
> Looking for case studies of technology to remove paint and marker
> graffiti from both sealed and unsealed brick/concrete as well as metal
> surfaces.  Client in this case has been though methylene chloride (of
> course) and NMP based solvents.  Now using soda blast which is causing
> some surface damage such as grout removal. What have you seen out
> there??
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