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RE: Solvent for vinyl

Except for UV cured powder, two critical temperatures are needed.  (1.)  Melt
temp, so the powder will change phases and flow, and ( 2.) cure temperature.   I
think the melt temp is around 250F and the cure somewhat higher (300-400F?).
The powder needs to melt and cover the substrate, then cure (crosslink).  UV
cures after the melt without increased temp.  I have heard that lower melt/cure
powders are right around the corner.

About 6 years ago, I did encounter a Detroit-based coatings company that had a
water-based vinyl emulsion that had application for boat fenders, bumpers, and
floats.  The name of the company was Saran (CO.or COATINGS ???).  I do not know
if they are still in business though.