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[Fwd: Chlorine analysis]

I am reposting because I really hope someone can provide help with
this.  The industry rep is dealing with trying to find out which is the
appropriate chlorine analysis method for a npdes discharge permit to
salt water. They also as indicated want to know what interferences occur
when dealing with a salt water matrix, etc.

Any help or suggestions of who can be contacted for this info is

Judy Jakobsen
SCWA P2 Program

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I have an industry rep who needs help with the following question.  Any
assistance is greatly appreciated.

Here is the question  -----

Do you or others have experience with the Total Residual and Free
Chlorine analyses for samples in a salt-water matrix ?  We are
interested in interences and if the methods give over- or underestimated

concentrations.  Also, for chlorine analyses in salt-water matrices, is
there a preferred method -- either the amperometric or DPD-colorimetric

Judy Jakobsen
SCWA P2 Program

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