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RE: [Fwd: Chlorine analysis]


I have no direct experience in this topic but I suggest contacting someone
from Betz or Nalco.  Both of these companies market water treatment
chemicals and both have some excellent technical publications available. If
my books weren't in storage, I could give you exact titles.

There is also a publication by the USEPA that specifys the exact tests to
follow for analyzing wastewater. The government printing office should be
able to track this down. While the methods may not give correct results
because of interference, they are the official methods recognized by law.
Even if an alternate method is more precise, the results might not prevent
an enforcement action.

Finally, have you checked with EPRI and the Cooling Tower Institute?  Once
through cooling towers located along the coast often treat sea water with
chlorine to prevent biofouling.  They must have addressed the issue of
measuring residual chlorine in salt water.  Good luck.


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> I am reposting because I really hope someone can provide help with
> this.  The industry rep is dealing with trying to find out which is the
> appropriate chlorine analysis method for a npdes discharge permit to
> salt water. They also as indicated want to know what interferences occur
> when dealing with a salt water matrix, etc.
> Any help or suggestions of who can be contacted for this info is
> appreciated
> Judy Jakobsen
> SCWA P2 Program