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Re: 2,2,4 trimethylpentane (Isopar C) - usage and health & safety information

2,2,4-trimethylpentane is in gasoline -- sometimes as much as 10% of gas is
2,2,4-trimethylpentane.  Unless things have changed...

HSDB says that besides the uses Mike mentioned, it's a chemical
intermediary.  I don't think it's produced in amounts much over a million
pounds a year, and the amount found in gasoline would dwarf this production

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Subject: Re: 2,2,4 trimethylpentane (Isopar C) - usage and health & safety

> Subject:  Re: 2,2,4 trimethylpentane (Isopar C) - usage and health &
>       information
> Mark-
> The Scorecard (http://www.scorecard.org), an Internet database on toxic
> chemicals, chemical releases, and other
> environmental health hazards, has a listing on the chemical you are asking
> about at the url below:
> %2d84%2d1
> You can use Scorecard's "About the Chemicals" feature to find heath and
>  information on
> thousands of toxic chemicals.  Just an fyi!
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> Subject:  2,2,4 trimethylpentane (Isopar C) - usage and health & safety
>       information
> Greetings
>    I am researching usage and health & saftey information on thirty
> chemicals (HAPs).  2,2,4 trimethylpentane (aka iso-octane and a key
> component in Isopar C) is one of those chemicals.  This information will
> placed on IDEM's ToxWatch page which will include air monitoring data from
> eighty-seven chemicals (thirty HAPs are a subset of this list) in four
> Indiana counties.
>    From my research into Exxon products, Isopar C is used in lithographic
> inks and possibly as a cleaning agent.  What is the current usage of this
> chemical?  How wide spread is the use of this chemical?  What are
> substitutes (if any)?  Please relate any other experiences you might have
> had with using this material.
>    Additionally, it is my understanding that Isopar C/2,2,4
> trimethylpentane might be found in pesticide formulations.  Is this true?
> If yes, what formulations?  Who would manufacture the pesticide
> so I could obtain more information on proper usage?
>    Some of the other Isopar formulations are used in every day consumer
> products (deodorizers, cleaning agents, etc.).  Does anyone know of the
> of Isopar C/2,2,4 trimethylpentane in any consumer product?  I would doubt
> it, but I want to check anyway.  It would be quite ironic to monitor a HAP
> from an industrial source where a HAP may be emitted in greater
> concentration in someone's home.
>    I thank you for your assistance in this effort!
> Mark C. Stoddard
> Indiana Department of Environmental Management
> Compliance & Technical Assistance Program
> mstoddar@dem.state.in.us