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RE: Tree to Paper equivalent

90 pounds per student?!?  Does that include the paper their books are
printed on?  Does that include the paper used by the administration to
support the students?  Do you have a copy or the reference of this article?

Linda Jekel

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A researcher at Penn State just published an article about the sustainable
practices of the University. He equated the average 90 pounds of office
paper each student consumes annually to a plot of forest that is 55 feet
per side or 3025 square feet. Not sure what the assumptions are as to how
many trees per acre or the size of the trees, but this should be useful to
you none-the-less.


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>Our first improvement issue is printing paper economy. In order to make
>sense for our employees , we are looking for the timber equivalent of 1 kg
>of printing paper or how many kilograms of paper are equivalent to an
>average tree. I would appreciate if some body will answer my enquiry.
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