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Pollution Prevention Opportunities in the Andean Region


NPPR is assisting the National Association of State Development Agencies
(NASDA) in recruiting P2 practitioners to participate in two seminars on P2
opportunities in the Andean Region.  One will be held in Washington DC on
September 23rd and one in San Diego on September 27th.  Travel funding is
available.  Please see the attached program description below and contact me
if you are interested in participating.  Apologies for cross listings.


Joe Pringle
International Coordinator
National Pollution Prevention Roundtable
2000 P St, NW   Suite 708
Washington DC 20036
T: 202-466-7272
F: 202-466-7964


Latin America Market Briefings for CEOs
Pollution Prevention Opportunities in the Andean Region

Washington, DC - September 23, 1999
San Diego, California - September 27, 1999

8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

Sponsored by:

U.S. Agency for International Development
National Association of State Development Agencies
Environmental Export Council

Latin America represents one of the most dynamic market opportunities in the
world for U.S. environmental technology exporters.  The U.S. Agency for
International Development has sponsored the Latin America Fund for the
Environment (LAFE) to encourage U.S. firms to take advantage of the unique
opportunities in the Andean region.  The Fund has awarded grants to more
than 50 U.S. firms to pursue opportunities in Latin America, approximately
half of which targeted the Andean countries of Peru, Bolivia, Ecuador and
Chile. The LAFE program has generated upwards of $15 million dollars in
revenues for the U.S. companies involved.

What are the market opportunities available in those countries?  What are
the key challenges facing businesses interested in tapping those markets?
What are the pollution problems and technology needs in the Andean region of
Latin America?  This one-day workshop will review a newly completed market
study of the regulatory and economic climate impacting pollution prevention
in the region.  What are the lessons learned by other firms that have
successfully exported to the Andean region?  Meet with representatives from
the Andean region and gain vital intelligence about potential commercial
opportunities in the region.  Meet with state environmental specialists
helping firms export to Latin America.  Meet other firms that have exported
or are considering the Andean market.  You must attend if you are
considering the Andean region in your future marketing plans.

Topics to be Addressed include:
.   An Overview of Pollution Prevention Opportunities in the Andean Region

.  Discussion of the Newly Released Comprehensive Andean Market Report

.  Prospects for Clean Technology Implementation: Emerging Markets for
Products, Services, and Technologies

.  Financing Opportunities : Company Case Studies Highlighting the Successes
and Challenges in the Andean Region

.  Federal and State Resources to Assist U.S. Industries in Tapping Andean

Juna Z. Snow
List Manager
IL. Waste Management 
& Research Center