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Activated Cabon Canisters


Activated carbon, often in canister form for ease in handling, seems to
generate considerable "waste" at high cost despite the fact that it is
recycled (re-activated for reuse).

Is anyone aware of technologies (other filtration technology?) capable of
accomplishing the same function (generally color and odor removal) more
economically?  (In this case the process involves monomers, oligimers, and
urethanes so there is a concern about polymerization.)

Any standard operating practices aimed at  "getting the best mileage" out of
activated carbon canisters and thereby reduce operating costs?

Can carbon canisters be "back-flushed", in a manner of speaking, to extend
useful life?  I definitely get the impression on-site reclamation
(re-activation) would not be likely.

Any information would be appreciated.
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