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Request from AOL

Hi P2 Techers

the AOL invite below is really something.  They have 10 million members or
something like that.  Are we all going to send Steve our own faves and give
him a huge jumble of stuff to consider, or is there some potential for a
coherent response that does not overwhelm AOL newbies - and Steve perhaps -
from every direction?  I suggest that NPPR do something to coordinate a
response so the material that Steve makes available creates a body of work
that is accessible in a "evolutionary learning" sense.  Who is going to
respond representing the P2 professional community?  - I am not
volunteering - this has too much potential for anything but a serious
community response.  Let's get a little debate with cc's to Steve so he can
understand what a formidable and exciting challenge this is.  P2 library
info managers are especially challenged to get into it!  


At 06:38 PM 8/31/1999 EDT, WPLCEC1@aol.com wrote:
>  Would like to extend an invitation to all P2 list members. I am the 
>Environmental Forum Leader here on AOL. I am updating the library text files 
>here at the forum. These files can be seen my members who download them 
>(using any text reader program to read them). If you or your organization 
>would like to send me an electronic text file, I will review them and post 
>them in our library. All that is needed is a one time email stating you give 
>permission to post these files. I will make sure the author or organization 
>information is placed with it.
>Thanks once again,
>Stephen Vermette
>Work Place Learning Center
>Environmental Forum Leader
Burton Hamner
President, Hamner and Associates LLC
Adjunct Professor, Asian Institute of Management
4343 4th Avenue NW, Seattle Washington USA 91807
Tel/fax: 206-789-5499 (call before sending a fax)
Email:  bhamner@mindspring.com
Web:  The Sustainable Business Webspace, www.mindspring.com/~bhamner