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Re: Request from AOL

In a message dated 99-09-01 11:00:12 EDT, bhamner@mindspring.com writes:

<< Hi P2 Techers
 the AOL invite below is really something.  They have 10 million members or
 something like that.  Are we all going to send Steve our own faves and give
 him a huge jumble of stuff to consider, or is there some potential for a
 coherent response that does not overwhelm AOL newbies - and Steve perhaps -
 from every direction?  I suggest that NPPR do something to coordinate a
 response so the material that Steve makes available creates a body of work
 that is accessible in a "evolutionary learning" sense.  Who is going to
 respond representing the P2 professional community?  - I am not
 volunteering - this has too much potential for anything but a serious
 community response.  Let's get a little debate with cc's to Steve so he can
 understand what a formidable and exciting challenge this is.  P2 library
 info managers are especially challenged to get into it!  
 Burt >>

Burt, P2 Techers

I agree and would like to suggest the coordination be placed on the shoulders 
of the NPPR information technology workgroup.   Karen Sundheim and I co-chair 
the workgroup and feel that this is a great opportunity for promoting P2.   
We will bring this idea to our workgroup members in the next few days and I 
would like to hear feedback from the P2 community on this suggested approach.