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Lake Erie Question


This message was sent to me directly an I thought it would be more helpful
to the inquisitive person if the message was posted to the listserv. If you
have any information that would be helpful to Luke, please email him directly.


From: "Sustman, Luke" <C01Luke.Sustman@usafa.af.mil>

My name is Luke Sustman and I'm an environmental engineering major at the
U.S. Air Force Academy. I'm doing a technical report on how Lake Erie has
recovered over the past two decades. If you would have any information or
know where I could find technical data/information it would be much
appreciated. Thank you for your time.

Luke Sustman
PO Box 1392 
US Air Force Academy, CO 80841
(719) 963-3068

Juna Z. Snow
List Manager
IL. Waste Management 
& Research Center