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Re: Climbing Wall Landing Surfaces


An Ohio company, Recycled Rubber Resources, offers a recycled rubber product for playground surfaces called "Boing!" (yep, including the exclamation point).  You can find out more about them at:


We don't have any direct experience with this company and can't answer your other specific questions about this product, but it looks like it might fit your client's needs.


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>>> Lara Dando <uedld@gemini.oscs.montana.edu> 08/31 6:36 PM >>>
Hello from Montana!

Forgive me for asking a less than P2-related question, but I am stumped. I
have a client that runs a sporting goods store here in Montana that is
interested in building a climbing wall in his store. He is interested in
using crumb rubber (from used tires) or some other material that can be
saved from the recycler or landfill for the landing surface under the wall.
My problem is that I haven't come up with many ideas and suppliers. 

So, does anyone have any ideas on who is making crumb rubber climbing wall
landing surfaces? Have you heard of any indoor air quality or fire concerns
about using such a product? What else can be used/reused for the landing

Any assistance you can provide would be greatly appreciated. I am
practically climbing the wall here in my office!

Lara Dando

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