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wood mfg. water recycling question

anyone had any experience with this one:
A VT wood product manufacturer is interested in setting up a 
system to recycle the hot water he uses to soak his logs prior to 
dimensioning.  The water will leach stuff out of the logs, particularly 
tannic acid, which must be removed.  They want help choosing a 
technology and implementing it.  However, they want a really big 
feeling of comfort that it will be successful before they will go 
forward with getting equipment, etc.  The company isn't facing any 
regulatory demands, they see the value of cost savings.  Seems 
like the economics of this would hinge on cheap way to remove 
tannic acid or maybe neutralize it.  Any thoughts?

Peter Crawford
Vermont Small Business Development Center
Environmental Assistance for Business,Program Director
PO Box 188
Randolph Center, VT 05061
fax: 728-3026
e: pcrawfor@vtc.vsc.edu