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Re: Climbing Wall Landing Surfaces


There's a New Jersey company called TIREC which makes 
several products from recycled tires.  One of their 
products, Perma-Turf, is marketed as a playground 
safety surface that is resilient and absorbs impact.  

You can reach them at 800-993-9411, 
or their web page:  www.perma-turf.com

I hope this is helpful.

Jeff Pico

> >>> Lara Dando <uedld@gemini.oscs.montana.edu> 08/31 6:36 PM >>>
> Hello from Montana!
> Forgive me for asking a less than P2-related question, but 
> I am stumped. I have a client that runs a sporting goods 
> store here in Montana that is interested in building a 
> climbing wall in his store. He is interested in using crumb 
> rubber (from used tires) or some other material that can be
> saved from the recycler or landfill for the landing surface 
> under the wall. My problem is that I haven't come up with 
> many ideas and suppliers. 
> So, does anyone have any ideas on who is making crumb rubber 
> climbing wall landing surfaces? Have you heard of any indoor 
> air quality or fire concerns about using such a product? What 
> else can be used/reused for the landing surface?
> Any assistance you can provide would be greatly appreciated. I am
> practically climbing the wall here in my office!
> Lara Dando
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