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RE: Public Access P2 Broadcasts?

Really haven't used public access television because we put our energies
into reaching   Either broader or specifically more targeted audiences to
meet our goals.  Producing public access television is the same as producing
other television but cheaper.  I would suggest going to groups to see what
they already have produced that would meet your goals/agenda and programming
some of that.   Unfortunately, the Alliance has  no longer videos/segments,
only some TV spotsand animated TV bumpers to music with unique "did you
know...?"energy facts-all of which you can see on our web site.  Also we
have some   B role footage on   Energy-efficient Windows which could be
shared with you.

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	We have an extensive communication program which has had 
	a great deal of success in promoting consumer energy efficiency. 
	I see P2 as a similar effort.   We have
	received time on many stations and high circulation publications,  
	the Parade insert carried by most major newspapers, and ABC/ 
	NBC through internet to name a few.  If you're looking at what 
	practices consumers actually change, I don't know what measurement 
	we have on that end, but I'll CC our communications leader to see 
	if she has a response.

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	> Subject: Public Access P2 Broadcasts?
	> Hello!
	> We are looking at doing some P2 programs for the local public
	> stations in Illinois and wondered if any of you had tried this as
	> mechanism for reaching local audiences.  If you have, could 
	> you let me know
	> how it has effective it has been and any hints for making the 
	> broadcasts
	> successful?  Any other good ideas for reaching citizens would also
	> appreciated.
	> Thanks,
	> Lisa
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