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Greener Manufacturing and Operations -Forwarded

FYI- Call for Papers

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A 'Call for Contributions' on the topic of

'Greener Manufacturing and Operations:
>From Design to Delivery and Back'

Greenleaf Publishing invites contributions for a new book: 'Greener
Manufacturing and Operations: From Design to Delivery and Back', to be
Edited by Joseph Sarkis, Ph.D., CPIM.


Every function within the organisation will have some form of impact on
corporate environmental sustainability. However, one function that has a
profound and direct impact on corporate environmental performance is
manufacturing and operations. In recent years, a number of issues and
innovations related to the role of corporate operations and
manufacturing on the natural environment have arisen. These include
design for the environment, total quality environmental management,
green supply chains, environmental management systems and standards,
zero emissions, and source reduction. Proactive corporate environmental
management as a response to competitive pressures now rivals in
importance the corporate response to command-and-control environmental
regulatory pressures. The focus of managing operational environmental
concerns has also evolved from end-of-pipe control to in-process actions
to the elimination and reduction of wastes. The aim and scope of this
book is to help capture and distil these and other emerging
environmental manufacturing and operations practices and issues in one
concise volume.


Greener manufacturing and operations covers a spectrum of topics.
Contributions are invited which address areas including, but not limited

* Sustainability and the Operations Function
* Total quality environmental management
* Environmental management systems
* Linking Operations Strategy to the Natural Environment
* Re-engineering and Environmental Impact
* Inventory Management
* Environmental Project Management
* Facility Location
* Remanufacturing
* Disassembly Modelling
* Purchasing and Supply Chain Management
* Technology Management
* Materials Management
* ISO 14000 and implications on Design, Manufacturing and Engineering
* Design for the Environment
* Closed Loop Manufacturing
* Environmental Performance Measurement
* Sustainability Indicators in Manufacturing
* Inter-functional Environmental linkages to Manufacturing
* Environmental Decision Making and Decision Tools
* Environmental Information Technology and Operations
* Manufacturing Environmental Technology


The book's structure will include sections on Manufacturing and
Operations Strategy, Practice, Tools, Innovations, and Case Studies.

Projected Audience

This book will aim to aid managers, engineers, students, researchers,
and consultants in understanding the various issues, principles, and
tools for managing the operations and manufacturing function in an
environmentally benign and sustainable manner. It aims to educate them
in the state-of-the-art and future practice in environmentally conscious
manufacturing and operations. The book is expected to incorporate a
mixture of case studies, empirical, and applied theoretical works.


Given the practical nature of this book we encourage contributions from
practitioners in business and industry. Academics submitting material
should clearly state how the theory and concepts developed in their work
influences managerial practice. It is recommended that papers be between
4000-6000 words in length. Case studies should be 2500-4000 words in
length. The paper submissions should follow guidelines which can be
obtained from Greenleaf Publishing.


Abstracts of 300-400 words should be sent to the Guest Editor prior to
December 15, 1999. These should ideally be sent as e-mail attachments.
Contributors whose abstracts are felt appropriate for the project will
be invited to submit full papers by May 31, 2000. Any required revisions
should be completed by September 1, 2000.

It is intended that the book will be published in November, 2000.

* Abstract Submission Deadline to Guest Editor: December 15, 1999
* Contributors Informed of Acceptance Decision: January 15, 2000
* Full Paper Submissions: May 31, 2000
* Revision Requests Sent to Contributors: July 15, 2000
* Final Papers Deadline: September 1, 2000.

For further information or to discuss ideas for contributions, please
contact the Guest Editor:

Joseph Sarkis,
Clark University
Graduate School of Management
950 Main St.
Worcester, MA 01610-1477
Tel: +1 508 793 7659
Fax: +1 508 793 8822
E-mail: jsarkis@clarku.edu

Contribution Guidelines can be obtained from:

Samantha Self
Greenleaf Publishing
Aizlewood Business Centre,
Aizlewood's Mill,
Sheffield S3 8GG
Tel: +44 (0)114 282 3475
Fax: +44 (0)114 282 3476
e-mail: greenleaf@worldscope.co.uk

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