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Re: P2 Cinema

Not wishing to disclose my age or anything, but you might consider "The
Flight of the Phoenix", a 1965 Academy Award nominee starring James Stewart
and Richard Attenborough.

At 03:36 PM 09/08/1999 GMT-10, Marlyn Aguilar - SHWB wrote:
>Sorry for the interruption of your work day....
>Kindly take a few minutes to read this request for assistance.  
>Marlyn and Carrie are planning an intense series of P2 events for P2 
>Week 1999 in Hawaii.  To complement the technical sessions, we're also 
>offering P2 Cinema, featuring real P2 videos (brief in nature) and 
>then some selection of waste min or catastrophic type films. 
>We want to lure people to a social event, but preface the films with 
>P2 info.  
>Have any suggestions for P2-esque films?
>We've considered:
>Planet of the Apes
>Mad Max
>A Civil Action
>Since we're soooooooooo young, we might have missed some of the 
>earlier classics. 
>We will also showcase sitcoms that have a P2 message, such as the 
>Seinfeld episode where a gift is "regifted" (the title of the episode 
>is the Label Maker).  So if you have any ideas on sitcoms with a P2 
>message, we'd appreciate it.
>Any other ideas??
>Thanks in advance!
>Marlyn Aguilar
>Hawaii Dept of Health
>Waste Minimization Coordinator
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