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Re: P2 Cinema

Marlyn Aguilar;

"Soylent Green"  an overpopulated world makes efficient use of
biodegradable resources.  What Charlton Heston used to do prior to his
lobbying career.

Also, I suggest going to Sixth Sense - a current movie.  

WARNING!!!!! - for those of you who, like me, don't want any clues to
the movie prior to seeing it - DON'T read any further.


Are you sure you don't mind even this sideways tangential hint?


I almost hate to recommend a movie that has Bruce Willis - although I do
appreciate his willingness to have be a star with a receding hairline.
Come to think of it, he's better than Heston. But the real star of this
flick is the kid - wow - a great performance.

Anyway, it's relationship to P2?  I thought Sixth Sense presented in a
very clear and convincing fashion the concept of a "paradigm shift". 
That's a concept the P2 folks have often mentioned to get people to
think outside the box.



> Sorry for the interruption of your work day....
> Kindly take a few minutes to read this request for assistance.
> Marlyn and Carrie are planning an intense series of P2 events for P2
> Week 1999 in Hawaii.  To complement the technical sessions, we're also
> offering P2 Cinema, featuring real P2 videos (brief in nature) and
> then some selection of waste min or catastrophic type films.
> We want to lure people to a social event, but preface the films with
> P2 info.
> Have any suggestions for P2-esque films?
> We've considered:
> Planet of the Apes
> Mad Max
> A Civil Action
> Waterworld
> etc....
> Since we're soooooooooo young, we might have missed some of the
> earlier classics.
> We will also showcase sitcoms that have a P2 message, such as the
> Seinfeld episode where a gift is "regifted" (the title of the episode
> is the Label Maker).  So if you have any ideas on sitcoms with a P2
> message, we'd appreciate it.
> Any other ideas??
> Thanks in advance!
> Marlyn Aguilar
> Hawaii Dept of Health
> Waste Minimization Coordinator

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