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Sanjay Gupta <sdnp_sanjay@yahoo.com> asked:  

	> We need info on "LISTSERVERS / DISCUSSION GROUPS" particularly
related to "Sustainable Development".

To which several P2TECH members have already subscribed, including Anthony
Sasson's referral to Ohio EPA's excellent list of P2 listservers.  
I will add a couple of others I've subscribed to over the years that aren't
on Ohio EPA's list.  In most cases I've simply included the short
description from their info files (which I routinely file away in MS-Outlook
every time I sign on to a new list).  And yes, the first of these is a
blatant plug for the ChemAlliance site, but nonetheless is relevant in the
broader topic of SD, which includes pollution prevention.

I'd also suggest checking out Liszt, the e-mail directory
(http://www.liszt.com/).  A quick check indicated that there are at least 11
other lists that are potentially relevant, though many are likely to be
aimed at the activist community and/or local "grass roots" efforts. 

ChemAlliance Discussion List

	This list was established for the users of the ChemAlliance
compliance assistance center. It is intended as
	a forum for the discussion of environmental regulations affecting
the chemical and process industries.
	Participants in this list are encouraged to post questions and
discussion related to the following topics:
	      - strategies for regulatory self-assessment
	      - strategies and techniques for cost-effective compliance
	      - understanding how specific regulations are interpreted and
	      - the use of pollution prevention and Environmental Management
Systems as part of a compliance

Asia Pacific Cleaner Production Network (http://www.tei.or.th/ctic/)
	Welcome to AP-CPNet (Asia Pacific Cleaner Production Network) - the
	discussion forum on issues related to Cleaner Production in Asia
	Region !! 

	This forum is coordinated by Cleaner Technology Information Center
(CTIC) at
	Thailand Environment Institute, Bangkok, Thailand. The primary
purpose of AP
	-CPNet is to accelerate dialogue between the various stakeholders in
	Production in the Asia Pacific region and to bring together all
those in
	this region who are working towards achieving this goal of promotion
of CP

International Information Sharing Working Group of the United Nations
Environment Programme's (UNEP) Cleaner Production Programme

	CP Info, an E-mail listserver, is dedicated to regular communication
between cleaner production information providers, world-wide. Participants
	information to: 

	     Identify key tools and resources 
	     Identify opportunities for co-operation 
	     Improve information and technology transfer for end users 

Environmentally Conscious Design and Manufacturingt List Serve
ECDM@pdomain.uwindsor.ca (no web page that I know of)

International Society for Ecological Economics (ISEE)
	A temporary list set up in support of The International Society for
Ecological Economics (ISEE) biennial conference in July 2000.  Associated
with that conference will
	be a 12 month, internet-based program on 'Business, the economy and
	sustainability' - which begins now.  The program involves an
	mini-conference and pre-conference networking and email-based
	workshops and seminars.

Hope this helps.

Scott Butner (butner@battelle.org) 
Senior Research Scientist, Environmental Technology Division
Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
4500 Sandpoint Way, Seattle WA   98105
(206)-528-3290 voice/(206)-528-3552 fax