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RE: In your dreams


That's easy.

Having just resigned as the state of Idaho's P2 Coordinator, I would ask the
governor to require state agencies to act as an example and implement the
initiatives we try so hard to convince businesses and residents to consider


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Hi, all - sorry for the cross posting - 

In preparation of P2 Week festivities, I thought you might want to take
a moment to brainstorm - 

Pretend for a minute that the governor of your state owes you one BIG
favor.  As the altruistic, ethical person I know you to be, I ask this
question:  What single thing would you ask the governor to do for P2?

Sign a proclamation - or do you want something more lasting?

Ask for $$ for your P2 program - or is P2 bigger than one program?

What lasting change would you seek?  A change in the tax code? In
regulatory enforcement?  What would you ask your Governor to endorse, or
to change, or to champion?  

One thing.  



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