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Re: cafeteria china

I just finsihed 6 waste audits for VT state cafeterias, most of whom 
were on mostly plastic/styrofoam.  We recommended they look into 
composting.  Green Mountain Technologies new "Earthtub", self 
contained, insulated composter, able to handle up to 400 lbs./day of 
organics @ round $6500 ea., (@ www.gmt-organic.com), makes 
on-site year-round composting more feasible.  Either paper, 
durables (with magnetic flatware retrievers for organics containers) 
or even corn starch cutlery (Biocorp @ www.biocorpusa.com) are 
options.  Most of these options are unfortunately more expensive 
than disposables, but if a company can justify them for other 
reasons, are well worth the investment (side they can use compost 
on grounds as well).  I have more info. if you want it.

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> A major manufacturer is building a new state of the art plant and has asked for some information.  In designing their cafeteria, they want it to be as environmentally friendly as they can.  What is the current "P2 thinking" on whether to go with disposable/recyclable dishes and utensils or 
washable/reusable?  Please send me materials or direct me to a source for this information if you know about this subject.
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