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RE: cafeteria china


--The recent issue of the Green Business Letter has a brief case study on a
Starbucks pilot study about using china/glassware in their stores instead of
disposables. The stores apparently had excess dishwashing capacity, so the
reusables saved them money and their customers liked it better. No phone
numbers/emails were given in the article, but Sue Mecklenberg was mentioned
as the person at Starbucks who was working on the project.
-- for disposables, the same newsletter mentions Earthshell, a product made
of limestone and potato starch. McDonalds is entering some kind of agreement
to try it out. Unclear whether McD's will be composting its trashed
EarthShells or what. 
-- the NIEHS office in Research Triangle Park set up a pair of worm teepees
and they vermicompost their  cafeteria food scraps. They use volunteer labor
to haul the scraps to the worms, & to harvest the compost.   Their worms
mostly die out from the summer heat and then begin repopulating in fall --
yours would probably need a bit of insulation during the winter. 

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> A major manufacturer is building a new state of the art plant and has
asked for some information.  In designing their cafeteria, they want it to
be as environmentally friendly as they can.  What is the current "P2
thinking" on whether to go with disposable/recyclable dishes and utensils or

washable/reusable?  Please send me materials or direct me to a source for
this information if you know about this subject.
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