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Re: C&D recycling question

Passing along an answer from NC DPPEA's C&D expert...

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Every state has a recycling market development program.  The contact
information for New York can be found on this web site:
http://www.epa.gov/jtr/thirds/profiles/ny.htm.  Here's the info:

Market Development Information:
* New York Empire State Development
Contact Information:
Keith Lashway
Office of Recycling Market Development
One Commerce Plaza, Room 950
Albany, NY 12245
Phone: 518 486-6291
Fax: 518 474-1512
E-mail: ormd@empire.state.ny.us
Web site: http://www.empire.state.ny.us/environment/default.htm

You should also probably contact the Construction Materials Recycling
Association.  Call Bill Turley for info on their national C&D recycling

William Turley
Construction Materials Recycling Association
P.O. Box 644
Lisle, IL 60532
(630) 548-4510

This is another really good web site for Construction debris recycling:

I hope this helps,

John S. Blaisdell, Market Development Specialist
NC Recycling Business Assistance Center
Phone (919) 715-6522 or (800) 763-0136 Fax (919) 715-6794

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I am researching the markets for recyclable materials made available during 
the residential demolition process. This would include wood, glass, plaster,

metals, roofing materials(asphalt, slate, tile) foundation stones and 
cement, brick, architectural details, trim and flooring.

I'm interested in starting a demo/recycling business in the Buffalo/WNY 

I`d appreciate any info, tips, or contacts you might have in this area.

Thanks very much.