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vehicle maintenance chemicals used by federal facilities?

P2 Techers,
We're looking into types and quantities of chemicals used in vehicle
maintenance at industrial facilities , including federal facilities.  Can
any list member suggest studies, websites, or helpful cotacts to help me get
a handle on automotive (and aviation) maintenance products typically used at
federal facilities?  I searched the P2 tech archive, and CCAR, Joint
Services P2 website, and have pestered a number of EPA & state folks on the
Longer description of project, for those who are interested:
We want to find out what products are used by companies that maintain their
own vehicles. For instance, a mining operation may have tractors, forklifts,
or lightduty trucks that are maintained on site rather than sent out to
someplace like Jim-Bob's Garage downtown.  The sectors we're looking at are:
manufacturing facilities, mines, electric utilities, haz. waste treatment,
petroleum wholesale, solvent recycling, federal facilities). 
Many thanks, as always.

Melissa Malkin Weber 
Research Triangle Institute, Pollution Prevention Program 
POB 12194 
Research Triangle Park, NC 27709-2194 
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