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Re: Question

There is a nonprofit organization in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, that provides
the service.  Eco Youth, 701 Center Point Road NE, Cedar Rapids, Iowa
52402, 319/365-3501, Michelle Eichelberger.  They should be willing to
share their experiences with you.  Good Luck.

I've always thought that the real opportunity for potential tear down
houses (in rural Iowa anyway) was to salvage the beautiful porches,
poles, grill work, carved wood, doors, doorknobs, leaded glass, scrolls,
etc.  Then primer coat the wood parts (using good P2 spray methods of
course) and catalog/sell them over the internet.

My cubicle neighbor tells me you can find such "distributors" by
watching Bob Vila on "This Old House."

Unfortunately, the cost of dismantling a house and recycling the parts
seem to outweigh the cost of a wrecking ball and hauling it to the
landfill, unless of course the supply/demand curve were to actually
include the environmental/disposal costs.  But that is another soapbox.

The other factor in rural abandonment is that the houses and barns are
generally not taken down, they just sort of tip over after a few

These kind of thoughts are the residual benefits (?) of driving a Mobile
unit around the country for the last 5 years, giving me plenty of time
to think,

Sue Sommerfelt
Iowa Waste Reduction Center (www.iwrc.org)
Mobile Outreach for Pollution Prevention