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Your Thoughts Needed ... Really!


USEPA gets pressure from Congress which wants to know that our tax dollars
are being spent wisely.  We are conducting an on-line survey for the
Printers' National Environmental Assistance Center (PNEAC) about the value
of our services .. if we are to even have a chance at continued funding.

So ... PLEASE, grab a cup of coffee, go to the PNEAC Web site
(http://www.pneac.org/survey99/survey.htm), and take a few minutes to fill
out the on-line response survey telling EPA what you like (and, gasp,
don't; could it be??) about the listservs Printech/Printreg, our Web site,
faxback, videoconferences, etc.  If you would like more info. on PNEAC
please feel free to contact me or Wayne Pferdehirt if you want to get on
the PRINTECH or PRINTREG listservs.

We really are interested in your input, and will use your feedback to
improve what we deliver to you ... that's a promise!

Please do this now, since the survey will only be there a few weeks.  A big