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Blanket Wash Questions

I am posting the below on behalf of my colleague Colin Kiefer.  Please
send response to him at Colin_Kiefer@mail.dnr.state.ga.us.

Thanks - Jancie Hatcher
GA Pollution Prevention Asst. Div.

I am working with a client who recently purchased a Heidelberg printing
press with automated blanket wash cleaning capabilities.  They need to
find a RCRA non-hazardous (unlisted with a high flash point) substitute
blanket wash.  It would also be nice to avoid high vapor pressure and
high VOC content.  Are there any success stories/case studies for using
alternative blanket wash solutions with automated cleaning systems?  I
am particularly interested in vegetable-based and terpene-based
solutions, but any and all environmentally sound solutions are welcome.
Also, is anyone aware of any studies regarding the performance of
alternative blanket washes in automated cleaning systems, either
completed or underway?  Please do not send information on manual
cleaning; I have plenty of information on that.

Thank you in advance.

Colin Kiefer
Pollution Prevention Engineer
GA Pollution Prevention Asst. Div.