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Amory Lovins at NPPR Fall Conference

++Sorry for cross-listings++

For those folks who have registered for NPPR's 1999 Fall Conference in
Santa Fe--or are planning on registering:

There have been some new program developments that you should be aware of
before making your travel plans. 

Amory Lovins from the Rocky Mountain Institute will be coming to meet with
the Roundtable board and any and all interested members in Santa Fe on the
Tuesday ( November 16) before the conference from 3-5 P.M. to discuss E2
and P2 linkages as well as developments in the field of sustainable

DOE is holding its annual P2 conference that same week in Albuquerque and
Lovins is a keynote speaker for that meeting.  There will also be
transportation to Albuquerque the next day (Wednesday, November 17) for
Roundtable members who want to take part in DOE's morning program which
will include Lovins and William McDonough.  After that session there will
be special discussion session with DOE folks and NPPR members to discuss
partnership opportunities.  Lunch will follow and a shuttle will transport
people back up for the start of NPPR's meeting.  Of course you can also
plan to fly into Albuquerque that day to take part in the DOE conference
and then travel up to Santa Fe.  The DOE conference is free - however you
need to notify us so we can give them an accurate count for lunch, and have
space in the shuttles. etc. 
We are very excited about this opportunity to interact more closely with
DOE and appreciate the efforts of Sandia National Labs and the New Mexico
Department of Environment for making this happen.  Please let Michele Russo
know if you want to take part in these extra activities, and if you need
transportation to the DOE meeting-michelerusso@compuserve.com or call
Natalie Roy
2000 P Street, NW, Suite 708
Washington, DC  20036
(202) 466-P2P2
fax (202) 466-7964