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Fwd: Social marketing

This item might be of interest to those in this forum, especially since we're starting P2 Week.  It's through Tom Watson of King County, WA, tom.watson@metrokc.gov.  More at http://www.metrokc.gov/nwpc/.  

Happy P2 Week,


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>From Doug McKenzie-Mohr, environmental psychologist, Fredericton, New
Brunswick, Canada:

The cornerstone of sustainability is behavior change. Programs to promote
waste reduction, water and energy efficiency, or transportation changes all
face the difficult challenge of changing public behavior. Further, these
programs must maintain changes in behavior over time.  Traditionally,
attempts to promote behavior change that foster sustainability have relied
upon providing information. Underlying these programs is the belief that
changing attitudes and raising knowledge will affect behavior.
Unfortunately, numerous studies now document that providing information
alone rarely changes behavior.

Community-based social marketing has emerged over the last several years as an attractive alternative to information-intensive programs. The following
website provides a variety of resources to assist program planners in
utilizing community-based social marketing to foster sustainable behavior:

Briefly, this site includes the following resources:
- an online guide to fostering sustainable behavior. This guide provides
detailed information on how to utilize community-based social marketing to
design environmental programs that effectively change behavior and then
maintain those changes over time;
- a searchable database of nearly 1,000 academic articles on fostering
sustainable behavior;
- a discussion forum for sharing information and asking questions of others;
- a searchable database of graphical examples of community-based social
marketing; and
- a database of 37 case studies. Approximately 5 new cases are being added
each week.

Please consider forwarding information about this site to colleagues who
might be interested.

E-mail:  dmm@cbsm.com 

Excerpted from an e-mail from Bill Sheehan, Athens, GA, GrassRoots Recycling Network (from the GreenYes listserv, forwarded by Bill Reed):

Paul Connett's Zero Waste video is virtually done!  I just viewed a beta
version and it is OUTSTANDING -- doubly so considering it was done on a very low budget!  The video contains interviews with over a dozen recycling 
experts taped during and after the California Resource Recovery Association conference in San Francisco in June.  It is overlaid with lots of
interesting stills and video snips.  It really conveys a sense of
excitement, immediacy and practicality about recycling, reuse,
deconstruction, sustainability and zero waste.  At 60 minutes, it is a bit
long for the average person on cable TV, but perfect for elected officials,
policy makers, recyclers and grassroots activists looking seriously for
alternatives to local landfill or incinerator proposals.  There is so much
great material that it will be easy to make one or two shorter films for the
general public.

Paul is going to finish the video this weekend so that we can bring order
forms and a sample copy to the National Recycling Congress in Cincinnati,
where it will be for sale at the GrassRoots Recycling Network's booth (also
by mail, of course).  Price is $25, with a discount for students, low income
people and local grassroots activists.

E-mail:  zerowaste@grrn.org 
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Ohio EPA
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