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Acetone: Hand tool cleaning tanks for

I am working with marble casting facilities (sinks, bathtubs, shower stalls)
that use styrene resin and limestone to manufacture their products.  Many
have reduced acetone use except for cleaning catalyzed material from
hand tools (metal trowels and scrapers). Many have built crude tool
washing tanks by cutting a 55 gallon drum horizontally and adding legs and
a top, then adding acetone. Some tops are just plywood with no hinges.
There are no drains on these tanks and acetone is left in them all the time
until it is removed by bailing (if there is any left).  As you can imagine, most
acetone evaporates which creates a variety of concerns. 

Are there some good (and reasonably priced) tanks that would work well
for acetone to minimize emissions.  A drain underneath to an overnight tank
would be a good idea, decent fitting lid, a recirculating pump to move the
acetone around in the tank,  and dual pans within the tank may all be
useful.  A manufacturers name and  phone/address and/or website would
be useful.

Also, has anyone had first hand experience with an acetone replacement
in this marble casting industry that works well enough that you would
recommend giving it a go?  Tool cleaning is performed inside a building and
ventilation is usually less than desired.

Thanks for your help,
Bill Quinn
Waste Division
Pollution Prevention Unit